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China Telecom

By using Trinity in this project, the complicated ETL process has become very simple and easy to maintain. A complete customer value analysis platform was also created with the Research Institute using the easy integration feature and this was adopted by the entire telecommunications company through this platform. UIT has also passed on some high value consulting services. The applicability, high performance and integration of the Trinity tool created in-depth cooperating mechanisms with clients.

About China Telecom
The China Telecommunications Corporation was established in 2002, and was selected for “The World’s Top 500 Enterprises” for many consecutive years. The main business includes integrated information services such as fixed line telephones, mobile communications, satellite communications, internet connection and applications etc. The company was rated as a “Global Most Admired Company”, “Best Asian fixed-line telecommunications company” and “China Outstanding Telecommunications Company” by “Fortune Magazine”, “Asia Finance”, “Euromoney” and “Capital Magazine”, and has won awards such as Best Management and Corporate Governance in the China Region, Best Dividend Commitment, Best Investor Relations and the most convincing corporate strategy, etc.
Application Challenges
As competition in the telecommunications market has become stronger and stronger in recent years, telecommunications operators have finally begun to realize that customers are the most important resources in market competition. Enterprises need to focus on customer value. According to the 28 rule, enterprises do not need to strive to satisfy all the client’s needs, instead, value segmentation is needed to differentiate the management of customers with different profitability. 
In order to satisfy China Telecom Guangxi’s urgent need for customer value analysis, a telecommunications research institute was assigned the responsibility to establish a Guangxi customer value management system, and during this project introduced Trinity as the ETL tool. This had an important effect on establishment of the system.
Why Trinity?
Through the successful implementation of this project, UIT and the institute formed a strategic partnership by combining ETL with a front-end Cognos tool as an industry model and an overall solution. This was promoted as a customer value management system to other telecommunications operators within the country.

Advantages of using Trinit
High Performance Loading Components for Oracle
High performance loading speed is required because of the large amount of data in the telecommunications industry. A corresponding loading tool for Oracle was needed for effective performance and Trinity was selected. The customer value analysis process demanded real-time response as well as fast loading and Trinity fully satisfied the needs of this client.
Platform Integration
A well known telecommunications research institute in China used Trinity as a part of the platform to carry out seamless integration for customer value analysis. The integration of Trinity and other platforms became the basis of this cooperation.
BS Mode Architecture is easy to deploy
Trinity’s system architecture uses the BS method, so no user-end installation is needed. The application can be accessed and used from a normal web browser. This makes it very convenient for deployment in the development of a common data platform system and the application can be easily integrated.
High Value Consulting and Cooperation
This cooperation was not limited to the tool itself, excellent consulting services were also provided for overall architecture, model design and front-end display. A lot of hard work was needed for the establishment and deployment of this platform. During this process, an in-depth cooperation mechanism was adopted and continued in follow-up solutions to achieve a win-win situation.