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China Mobile Inner Mongolia

The use of Trinity in this project made the complicated ETL process quite simple and easy to maintain. The Trinity dedicated high performance Writer tool allowed the daily pools of changed data to be loaded very quickly. During this strategic cooperation a mechanism was established that gave a win-win result.

About China Mobile Inner Mongolia Co Ltd.
China Mobile Inner Mongolia Co Ltd was established in September 1999. Up to the end of 2006, the total capacity of the switches had reached 9 million, with over 4000 base stations and international roaming business for 271 operating companies in 206 countries. The customer base continues to grow. In the autonomous region, one out of every three people is a China Mobile customer. The accumulated profits and taxes paid total 1.68 billion dollars, which is a positive contribution to the economic and social development of the autonomous region.


Application Challenges
For many years, the overall data architecture of the business analysis system that China Mobile Inner Mongolia Co Ltd used was based on the TERADATA database platform. The TERADATA platform has highly effective large data processing performance and excellent linear expandability and it effectively established the core basis of the business analysis system database. However, the closed platform environment was a constraint on a business analysis system application platform and function selection. In addition, the high cost of expansion was a major practical problem that is currently being faced. The company proposed that a company customer “data supermarket” be established for this situation.
Why Trinity?
In order to optimize the business analysis and data storage system architecture of Inner Mongolia Co Ltd, to achieve the hierarchical storage and usage of data, and to establish a common platform system for Inner Mongolia mobile, Trinity was implemented as the ETL tool. The power advantages of Trinity and its fast loading, flexible dispatching and local customer support were used in a common platform system.
In this project the Teradata terminal generates the files, and Trinity, with its fast loading features, is responsible for loading the files and revising the file results. It also manages and dispatches logic and time for more than a thousand jobs simultaneously.
Advantages of using Trinity
Comprehensive Privilege Management Mechanism
Trinity has a complete user privilege management mechanism, and performs the role of grouping and privilege management in this project at different job levels and increases system security and manageability!
Highly Effective Loading Speed
The volume of China Mobile data is large at over 35G daily, which explains why there is an extremely high demand for real-time loading. Trinity has a corresponding Bulk Loader Writer for mainstream database tools that can satisfy the need for large volume loading without the need for landing or preparing additional scripts. This makes the ETL process very easy to use.
Flexible External Program Dispatch Functions
Trinity can flexibly support the use of external scripting. In the later stages of this project, there were large numbers of Perl scripts that needed transformation and migration. Trinity is able to dispatch scripts and record the feedback during execution into logs, eliminating the need for clients to switch between tools and OS CMD mode during the debugging process, with a resulting increase in work efficiency.
BS Mode Architecture is easy to deploy
Trinity’s system architecture uses the BS method, so no user-end installation is required. The application can be accessed and used simply through an ordinary web browser and this makes it very convenient to deploy during the common data platform system development process.
Localized Language Support is fast and efficient
The development of Trinity is local and the response to a client’s special needs for customization is prompt and efficient. Productive consulting and recommendations can also be provided for any problems that are encountered during the project and this allows the client and Trinity to grow together.