Metadata Management

Metadata management is the basis of creating any analysis application to allow related personnel to understand the significance of the information they are accessing and this to be able to identify the correct location of the data while making changes as well as their upstream and downstream dependent jobs so as to avoid the problem of information inconsistency which may cause errors to day-to-day operations. The ultimate goal is to support the enterprise for better Information Governance.

Trinity metadata management module provides the following management features:

  • ●Database Metadata
    For the table/field definitions in the database, it provides the management operations including import/query/compare/version control/impact analysis/ document generation.
  • ●Application Metadata
    For the application systems required for the business operations, it provides a unified management interface to define/track/monitor various programs or services.
  • ●Data Dictionary
    Business logic items such as Business Term, Business Question, Business Rule, Code Table, it provides an easy-to-use management interface to define/query so as to avoid information inconsistency

Through the integrated management over the three information levels, i.e., data, applications, and business logic, for the practice in implementing the Enterprise BI system, it can cover the service monitoring, and impact analysis of the related changes for the overall End-to-End (from the collection of source data to the final report output) operations so as to achieve excellent information governance in terms of different aspects.