Trinity Job Control System

Enterprise IT personnel often have to put out the fire for many unexpected situations, so they are forced to become fire-extinguishing experts. Among the situations, the more difficult part is to effectively control the cross-system in-series day-to-day operations, which does not come from a single systematic with a rigorous operation, so that when the job change, it is easy to neglect the linked related between them and thus cause errors. In this case, the time-consumption and debugging difficulty for the test would become the maintenance and operation problems. When the number of such processes which are loosely connected in series by a lot of batch files or programs is up to hundreds, the situation is even worse. In fact, most of these matters can be controlled by the system in order to protect their operation quality and to reduce the pressure of human intervention; in order to assure the IT service level agreements (SLAs), the introduction of batch scheduling automated management mechanism is indeed necessary.

Assure the level of IT services and to get rid of fate of fire-fighting
TrinityJCS Job Control System is the backbone of IT personnel’s day-to-day maintenance and operation:

  • ●Intuitive job management interface
  • ●Rigorous information security control
  • ●Powerful process monitoring and management
  • ●System architecture with high flexibility and availability
  • ●Rich system resource monitoring and alerts
  • ●Extensive platform support

It allows IT personnel an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to easily build processes. A simple graphical monitoring station centralizes and controls all the works. With the multi-platform support and flexible and scalable architecture, it becomes system administrator’s best helper. As a job scheduling management platform, TrinityJCS can perform complex jobs such as configuration and control of the data exchange between control application systems, collection of integrated report data, concatenation of the batch files from multiple hosts, backup and storage of system command links, etc., thereby to reduce the maintenance and operation cost and to improve IT personnel’s operational performance.

By introducing TrinityJCS, the IT fire-fighting experts can be completely alleviated from the trivial and emergent fire fighting efforts, and then provides users more valuable service instead so as to become performance hero.

Optimized batch processes
In addition to the negative aspects of the assurance of job quality, TrinityJCS can provide the following benefits in active aspects:

  • ●It can seamlessly connects the original loose connected jobs so as to reduce unnecessary waiting;
  • ●It can optimize the processes and redesign existing cumbersome batch command series into the powerful process control functions so as to exclude the breakpoints, to perform complex branching judgments, error connection operation, re-execution, and simplification with error-proofing steps.

Usually a BI system collects data from the bottom sources. Therefore, before the output of the front-end report is generated, several APs or programs may be linked; by introducing TrinityJCS into BI system, it can control the overall processes for the End-to-End jobs (from the source data collection to the final report output) so as to optimize the system efficiency.