TrinityBDM BigData Managment

Recently, the cloud applications are growing exponentially. As a result, the BigData become a school of learning. However, for the import of BigData into the system for enterprise data analysis logy, the technology is still under development, and the lack of mature tools or software, the application developers learn Hadoop by trial and error with the need of writing complex programs at beginning. This has been a practical impediment to the promotion of cloud application value. The TrinityBDM is developed to assist enterprises to speed up the import of BigData analysis applications so that data analysts can focus on how to use the BigData to exert their values and then to hand over the most of the system development work to the tools to deal with.

Combined with the Job Scheduling management system to enhance the BigData ETL management and improve development productivity
By combining the Hadoop process program with the job scheduling management into a single control, it can provide two major benefits:

  • ●Improve management
    The complex MapReduce issuance process can be controlled through TrinityJCS with the simplified MapReduce program interface;
  • ●Improve productivity
    With the Mahout and Cascading plug-ins, the developers can evelop Hadoop application analysis more efficiently. By using the graphical interface and built-in features, the personnels can directly call these functions with simple configurations so as to significantly reduce the time for writing complex programs and reduce the threshold for the user to enter the world of Big Data.

Quick interfacing BigData with the enterprise’s relational data analysis system
The relational data-based BI application technology such as OLAP, Mining, etc. are mature nowadays and many companies more or less have established BI systems which may meet the existing demands in data analysis applications. However, the current difficulty rises from dealing with BigData. BigData the ETL is complicated enough, let alone the BigData Analysis.

With the easy-to-use ETL operations, TrinityBDM cab filter out the data required for the analysis from the Hadoop BigData, as the new bottom data for BI; and then the data are integrated with the existing relational data into the enterprise’s data warehouse; the follow-up operation can be performed by using the sophisticated data analysis program in the industry. Through TrinityBDM, companies can lower the cost to quickly import BigData without time-consuming assessment and learning.