Data Protection Module

For the data which must be protected in response to regulatory requirements, Trinity can provide the Data Protection module which can assure both the configuration management and operation performance. With the data protection rules configured in the central server host, the sensitive data will be processed during the execution of the ETL operations.

  • ●It provides protection methods such as Mask/ Encrypt/Tokenize. Through the central server host processing mechanism, it can effectively prevent the hacking due to the leakage of the encryption and decryption keys.
  • ●With the flexible data protection definition rules, the user can define customized categories and methods for data protection processes to carry out the definition and processing of data protection rules depending on the actual demands.

In Taiwan, Personal Information Protection Act has been enacted. For the database in the data warehouse that brings together a large number of high-value information, the compliance issues are particularly important. Therefore, the data protection module is its essential program.