TrinityETL Data Integration Platform

As the enterprise’s IT services continue to increase with the information growth up to a certain complexity, how to manage the data exchange between various application systems? If you want to create back-end business intelligent applications, how to effectively integrate the data from each front-end system? TrinityETL has features such as the distributed highly flexible and scalable architecture, high-performance data processing capabilities, and powerful work flow control, so it is the best solution for the aforementioned issue.

TrinityETL innovatively combines the job scheduling and ETL management so as to bridge the traditional relational database with the new trend BigData data integration platform that provides high scalability, flexibility, and high C / P value. It is the cornerstone of enterprise business intelligence system.

Integrate ETL and Job Schedule Management into a Single Powerful Platform
TrinityETL provides the following features:

  • ●Rich and high-performance data conversion functions: in addition to the built-in conversion functions as well as ID card/credit card check code, XML interpretation, and Simplified/Traditional Chinese bidirectional conversion functions, it can also support mainstream database Bulk Loader with CDC functions and JDBC/ODBC Multi-Threading technology so as to perform high-speed data loading;
  • ●Powerful SQL/Groovy instruction editing scripts can easily expand functions in response to rapidly changing business demands;
  • ●The highly flexible Java Plug-in expansion architecture helps interfacing with other systems or architecture so as to support substantial function or system expansion demands;
  • ●Complete application function module options, such as the management modules: Metadata, Data Protection, Data Quality, Hadoop, etc.;

Also, with the help of built-in job scheduling management, it can rapidly complete the introduction and deployment of BI systems and thus solve the maintenance and operation problems at the same time.

Bridging the relational data with BigData to provide complete BI applications for the enterprises
TrinityETL, with its single platform, can serve as the interface between the relational data and BigData to provide consistency for the management. The enterprise can easily integrate a variety of data from cloud applications into the existing BI system or create a whole new comprehensive analysis application for RDB + BigData.