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Trinity Data was invited to participate in Pivotal's Dealer Conference

This April, VMware and parent company EMC have launched a new company, called Pivotal, held dealer conference on 11th to 12th of July 2013 at Holiday Inn Harbin-City Center, there were more than 10 partners and manufactures to participate, included Beyondwinet Information Technology, ECData Information Technology, and  Beijing Etong Dongfang Technology.

The Primary Consultant, Mr. Cloud Zhao from Trinity Data Corporation was invited to the speech with "Bridging the tradition and the future", elaborated Trinity in Big Data on its characteristics and strength. His speech was highly appreciated by the audience. Trinity reduced the threshold of using Big Data technology and make it easier for customer to mange and exploit Big Data assets.

During the conference, Trinity Data Corporation and other partners were engaged in lively discussion and share their technical knowledge with each other, and came up to agree that Big Data applications and technologies has become mature. The Trinity Data Corporation has achieved great results with investment in the data integration and Big Data parts.

Pivotal share its technical solutions

Trinity Data Corporation Speech: "Bridging the tradition and the future"

Speech from participated partners