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UITI Software, a Chinese Trinity Data dealer, and Axon host big data business intelligence seminar

The big data business intelligence analysis workshop hosted by Axon and UITI concluded successfully at Shanghai on Sep. 11. Amid aggressive discussions, enriched presentations and proactive communications, Axon and UITI explained development status and trends in the mobile Internet data and gained well recognition in their capacities and product technologies.

This big data and business intelligence seminar held by leading players in this industry brought more profound influences and results. With multiple well known enterprises' presence, including Omron, IBM, ebay, China Telecom, ZTE, and Mercer Insurance, this seminar not only identified latest status and research progress of Chinese big data industry but also provided important exchange platform and learning channel for later big data processing.

Axon and UITI, leaders in big data processing

One thing to be noticed is that domestic research and application in big data processing is nothing but few single data processing and analysis while the requirements for huge big data analysis and processing is expanding rapidly. This provides Axon and UITI a development stage and demonstration opportunity.

Being an established BI tool supplier Axon is ready to assist enterprises in their big data analysis and application. It enterprises iServer platform can host varieties of reporting deployment and integrate full range of single reports and data for integrated analysis and data capturing. This technique has been adopted by prominent local businesses including Bank of China, China Software for its precise and effective data analysis based on heterogeneous data source consolidation flexibility, high performance, advanced integration technology, big data processing power, and abundant presentations. iServer outperforms similar business intelligence products in openness and scalability as well as steadiness and high performance.

The big data era is approaching. With ever increasing front end design the analysis works are transferring to general office workers. Axon enable them for more flexible custom analysis with plenty of custom analysis, online reporting, custom page and Dashboard capabilities. Users may access data sources, annotate and share your data for collaboration and decision on mobile devices, including Apple iPad and Android tablets, with Axon's products.

Axon's big data reporting services, the first in the industry, not only integrates enterprises' internal resource and optimizes products but also provides unprecedented predictability and orientations by extracting critical data and analysis essential to critical decision making out of huge amount of data with speed and efficient processing. In this "data is king" era, it reduces data processing costs sharply and improves enterprises' resistance against risk and even identifies new business opportunities from reports and data offered by Axon for maximized business benefits.

UITI Software Technology (Shanghai), co-host of this program, is an excellent supplier of data warehousing services and products focused for large scale industries in the business intelligence field. It is offering full range of services including data warehousing planning, designing and fine tuning, requirements analysis, and interest mode management for enterprises with its ETL tool Trinity and data mining tool UniMarketing.

Making the most of its own big data warehouse creation and processing expertise UITI set up China Mobile's big data warehouse that integrates data of millions of users in very short period of time during its DW deployment project. With optimized frames and blocks for users' retrieval and use in searching and data analysis it saves huge amount of time, costs, and manpower with high efficiency, standardization and user friendliness.

The Trinity BI tool has been adopted by dozens of prominent enterprises and government agencies including Inner Mongolia Mobile, Guangxi Telecom, Wuhan Iron and Steel, TLW Hola, Yoshinoya, Xander, and Zhejiang Transportation Authority for their TB grade big data warehouse projects and successfully accepted for good performance and steadiness. The Trinity V3.7 launched in this seminar features Hadoop Adaptor for connection with HDFS File Reader/Writer, HBase Reader/Writer, Hive Executor, and Pig Executer interface as well as non-structural data handling with Groovy scripts. This solidifies UITI's leading position in the application big data ETL.

The era of Internet based enterprise big data analysis applications has yet to come. Increasing number of leaders in each of the IT industries are posed to put more resources of human, material, and capital in collecting, summarizing, and analyzing big data information. Axon and UITI, with their foresighted views in the big data development, have explored and gained good achievements in this field as demonstrated by the successful conclusion of this big data business intelligence seminar.