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Trinity Data's Trinity v.3.1 comes with greatly improved data conversion and work flow management functions!

After the release of Trinity v3.0 in Q1, Trinity Data continues enhancing Trinity with multiple new function planning and development as well as enhanced existing functions based on recommendations from customers and partners in the Greater China area. See some of them as described below…

【Whole new functions】

Whole new data conversion functions – credit card's parity check code review and generation, hierarchical data flattening, and heterogeneous data consolidation

Trinity adds new data conversion function again! The following functions are added as required by the market:
Check and generation of credit card's parity check code: Check and deal with quality of data of credit cards to reduce human errors.

Hierarchical data flattening (hierarchical flattener): Normalize hierarchical data including organizational data and bill of material (BOM) commonly found in any ERP system. It is both time and effort saving tools for ERP system data conversion.

One-to-one data consolidation: Trinity's Merger consolidates data tables with the same key value by existing conversion function through preset conditions, e.g. combining employee basic data, to meet customer requirements.

Still powerful encryption option: RSA Tokenizer
Cooperating with leading data security brand RSA (now merged by EMC) Trinity is now capable of instant encryption and description on the RSA encryption methodology. This is especially useful to customers who possesses large amount of clients' basic data, e.g. financial, telecomm, and e-business, and requires strong data security protection.

Work flow control enhancement for even more flexible job scheduling
Trinity's Job Flow has been the key in job control. On top existing controls on success/failure and return code for upper-lower chain dependency and the "AND" logic in upper-lower chain logic relation, an "OR" function is added now.

Scale of Job Flow is now expanded to 64 jobs X 64 tiers for more complex operation flow.
All these enhancements are made to give more flexible flow control and fit customer needs.

File Monitor Job Runner for better file retrieving
In addition to existing batch and near real-time operation modes, Trinity's new “file retrieving” function starts up relevant operations by monitoring specific folders' file transmission jobs.

This function is especially suitable for industries with continuous file generation like telecomm and manufacturing as a new choice for operation startup.

Task console enhancement for enhanced management function
In addition to Trinity's well recognized graphical management interfaces new ones are added to meet customer requirements:

Single agent review window: Monitor work load of single agent such that the system administrator can get hold of performance bottleneck and get rid of system issues.

TreeView tab: Watch current operation status in tree view to enable system administrator get a whole and clear picture of operation execution structure.

The AllView function now supports cross tier work flow design: Together with Job Flow's cross tier design the AllView for operation viewing now supports the same function. This enables system monitoring personnel to get hold of operation execution status completely.

【Function enhancement】

Quality Rule Improvement for clearer data quality control
Trinity's data quality module is now added with weight setting interface for Quality Rule and Data Quality control dashboard for designers to set up weight against importance of data to measure impact of data quality as well as to monitor current data quality through the dashboard for fast and clear understanding.

SQL Executor Enhancement for more flexible data flow arrangement
The SQL Executor now features more logic judgment function including variable application, IF - ELSE condition judgment, FOR loop, SQL variable relay, error mechanism handling and stored procedures, on top of existing SQL statement execution for more flexible data flow arrangement.

Other minor improvements and enhancements including enhanced database driver edition management that enables drivers of different editions of one database brand.

This is especially suitable for Oracle 8/9 that come with big differences in between and reduces database migration burdens suffered by most enterprises.

In addition to varieties of new functions brought by v3.1 as described above there are more fine tunes such as improved Task Console performance and adjustments to certain operation approaches. All of them demonstrate efforts and dedications of Trinity Data's development team. You are more than welcome to experience the powerful functions of Trinity v3.1!