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TrinityJCS assists the IT unit with better outcomes

TrinityJCS, the automated batch operation scheduling management software launched in June improves batch job management benefit and provides complete functions at an affordable price.

The data integration software Trinity for business intelligence (BI) by the BI Division in 2009 has been adopted and accepted by scores of customers in the Greater China. The Job Control System (JCS) module, one of its most acknowledged functions, has become its key niche in the ETL market. Differing from other competitive and simplified scheduling function the JCS is a completed function module embedded at bottom layer of Trinity. Based on continuous customers' and partners' requests for separated JCS module Trinity Data is now offering it as one independent product: the TrinityJCS.

"Addressing the needs of our customers the TrinityJCS product is quite different from other competitive solutions in price and in its huge local support and flexible customization. This leading product for the batch operation schedule management market still focuses on the Greater China area and welcomes SI's cooperation," said Eric Huang, Trinity Data's BI Division GM.

Any sizeable IT unit must have scores of batch programs as well as customized connection programs for continuous operation. As these operation flows are formed by a series of connected programs they are hard to manage and vulnerable to cyber attack. In fact, most meet IT management requirements for the 21st Century rather poorly. In case of an operation failure the IT personnel is forced to respond with the urgency of firefighters. While there is glory in successfully extinguishing a fire, the risk of damage using this approach is too high to be borne. The centralized batch operation scheduling management solution of TrinityJCS offers simple and easy system operation with a user friendly drag-and-drop interface. It has a powerful flow monitoring and load balancing function, a rich system log and notification mechanism, strict role-based management permission and centralized password control. The multi-platform support assists IT unit management operation scheduling and SLA improvement. Eric added: "The IT unit must focus on improving the system service level instead of urgent troubleshooting for improved external and internal customer satisfaction. They need to stop being fire fighting heroes and concentrate on performance appraisal."

TrinityJCS implementation benefits



Semi-auto batch job connection across hosts and platforms with high management and operation cost. The IT unit personnel are mired in urgent troubleshooting tasks.

Manage batch jobs with ease. Spares IT personnel from repetitive tasks and urgent troubleshooting to provide more value-added services.

Implementation and operation cost

Customize scheduled job connection at high implementation and operation cost.

Simple installation, affordable implementation and auto schedule control with low manpower and operation expense.

Information security

Distributed scheduling operations that are hard to control and audit and vulnerable with respect to information security protection.

Centralized control and strict management with rich auditing information and alert function for improved information security.


Requires more manual control and troubleshooting for scheduled jobs and the operation quality is hard to maintain.

Centralized and automated control to give reasonable SLA standards to ensure quality and support for front end business.

Customer satisfaction

Scheduled jobs are prone to interruption which leads to frequent urgent firefighting and lower customer satisfaction.

Improved external and internal customer satisfaction.