Can Trinity read web programming? If Trinity can, how to do it?

User can use Groovy Script to write and read web content.

Can Trinity send the Email contain data that generated from the ERP system?

Email can be send as long as the file can read by Trinity Agent.

Why Trinity data transformation is faster?

Here are some factors:
1.During the data transformation process, Trinity has designed transformation plug-ins to read data, after transform to the correct format, immediately to write into the destination database, that why is faster.
2.Trinity is perfect combine bulk load function with database, there is nothing faster than this.
3.With distributeed architecture design and load balance characteristic, through appropriate design, a
ll jobs are process by different Agents, it is also dramatically accelerated the loading spped.
4.Trinity has Mult-threading design, it can process a lot of jobs simultaneously to speed up process, as well as speed up the response on the user interface. 

Trinity is using Name pipe to transform data, what happen if name pipe failure?

By using Trinity's basic native function, job can be designed to save the data in a temporary table in the destination database, the system will rename the real table after all data transform successfully.

Therefore, during the process, if the name pipe fail, data didn't not actully write to the destination table. For this case, just rerun the job, do not worry about the roll back the system. 

What is Trinity CDC function? How about its performance?

Trinity's CDC standard for Change Data Capture, the funcation of CDC is similar to other tools. Uses who has large amounts of data with samll change, especially the data were add/delete/update during any process, system can capture the changes, to save data update time.

The difference with other brand's CDC is mostly read from the source database transaction log to determine whether the data has any changes, and it usually require to install extra software to do that, or add a date field. Therefore, it will affect the performance of the source database (usually is operational database or OLTP database). In the financial industry, users are more sensitive with this issues.

Trinity's CDC approach is to use pervious version's temporary data in the target database, it can compare the old and new data each time, the system can know the difference. According to our actual test, 1GB of data, Trinity only takes about 4 minutes to complete the comparison, with excelllent performance.

According to the product introduction says Trinity's performance is quite well, any reference data to proof that?

Performance is hard to measure, not only the design of data integration system itself, but also other issues includes hardware, database programming, RAID and network bandwidth.

For the Trinigy's performance, we have some results from the tests, here are two cases:

6 million records from table data
From SQL Server to Oracle  (Time spent)
Trinity : 5' 49''
M brand: 25'
4.5G table data
From Oracle to Greenplum
Trinity: 7'29'' (10.8MB/sec)
K brand:13 hrs
T brand:14 hrs

An additional test data is based on a PC server with the following specification and data:

Hardware:1 CPU Dual Core, 8G RAM, Linux Redhat v5.4
Database:Oracle 11g R2, DB2 v9.5, Greenplum v3.6.1
Volume of data:378 MB
From DB2  to  Oracle
Trinity: 52'' (7.2 MB/Sec)
I brand:66'' (5.7 MB/Sec)
D brand:65'' (5.8 MB/Sec)

From Oracle to Greenplum
Trinity: 47'' (8.0 MB/Sec)
I brand:67'' (5.6 MB/Sec)
D brand:71'' (5.3 MB/Sec)
All of above results are for reference only.

Feasibility from ETL Lite Repository Migrate to Trinity Repository?

ETL lite is Teradata's product and its repository can migrate to Trinit's repository. However, Trinity's Repository is strict, usually can migrate 60 % from Teradata, the remaining 40 % are require to migrate manually. For example, the data types from Teradata are not that strict, text patterns for digital can be written into the digital field patterns, but other database are depends. 

What is the maximum number of Agent can install? Any reference?

There is no installation number limit of Agent. However, for the system management, we recommend no more than 16 agents.

One of customer is using 6 Agents, including 3 agents in Taiwan and 3 Agents in China.

What is the maximum number of scheduled job process at the same time? Is there a recommended number?

One single Agent can simultaneously perform 64 operations. And how much can be process at once, it is depends on the hardward specifications. 

What types of permissions are available for set operations in Trinity?

There are 7 types of permission setting are available in Trinity:

View, Add, Modify, Delete, Run, Rerun, Grant




Permisson to view objects


Permission to add new Job and Job Step


Permission to modify objects


Permission to delete objects


Permission to run jobs on TaskConsole


Permission to rerun jobs that has error or fail during the process.


Permission to the user to authoriz the specific object to other users.User must have "Grant" permissions on the object before to set permission to other users.