Trinity Advanced Training

This course is a Trainigy Advanced Training course, it contains computer lab exercises, help participants have a better understanding of the powerful features and functions of Trinity.


Let the exisiting Trinity users experience further abilities about Trinity.
The proposed participats:has ETL experience or want to learn more about Trinity
Pre-Request Course:Trinity Fundamental Training
  • Alias Name Settings
  • Variable Settings
  • Connection
  • File Source
  • Schedule Settings
  • Job Design
  • Flow Design
  • Job Stream Design
  • Notification
  • Job Source and Job Target
  • Job Settings
  • Introduction to Impact Analysis
  • Introduction to Metadata
  • Resource Monitoring
  • System Backup
  • Practical Lab exercie (in between each chapter)
Other Information
Venue:B-0329, Modern City, No. 88, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing(Trinity Data Corporation Beijing Office)
Method:5~10 studnets per class, participats are require to bring their own laptop.
Duration:7 hours
Fees:US $240/per person (Lunch included)
How to apply
Contact Us,We will reply you shortly.