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Taiwan’s largest telecommunications companies

A complicated report generation process was created using Trinity, that reduced report generation time (using a very large amount of data that needed conversion) from 10~14 working days to a single working day.

About the Client
One of Taiwan’s largest telecommunications companies that released GSM900/1800, the World’s first dual-band system, designed and created completely using dual-band technology, to provide high quality digital mobile communication services for all users in Taiwan. The company is the only telecommunications company in Taiwan to be listed in Business Weekly Magazine’s “Asia’s Top 150 Best Performance Enterprise” ranking.
Application Challenges
In the highly-competitive telecommunications industry, very fast data acquisition is needed to make decisions in real-time and is the key to success in this fiercely competitive market. As customers and the amount of data grows, it can take 10~14 working days for a busy original report system to organize raw data and generate a report. The application used by the system to collect the raw data into storage for follow-up decision-making also requires time, sometimes up to 10 working days.
Why Trinity?
Trinity has a highly flexible schedule and graphical monitoring and control interface that allows a user to determine data processing status at any given time. The highly flexible architecture also allows Trinity to be configured according to the amount of data to satisfy the need of an enterprise to expand the architecture with growth. In addition, the Trinity Bulk Loader that is integrated with the target database allows very high data loading speed and highly efficient CDR data processing.


The Trinity Enterprise Edition with redundant architecture was used in this project, to help ensure that if problems did occur on the main server, the backup system would activate immediately to avoid interruption of ETL operations.
The advantages of using Trinity
Increased Office Proficiency
Trinity can monitor and control the process and reduce the need for the presence of an operator. The different icons displaying status also help to reduce the number of manual errors.
Expandable Components with Outstanding Execution Performance
High performance processing speed is essential for the large amount of data generated in the telecommunications industry. Not only does Trinity’s multi-threaded expandable component architecture provide a data processing component that matches the project needs within a very short time, it also provides outstanding processing performance to process large amounts of billing data, and can deliver it to the various downstream systems in the shortest time.
Easy To Establish Architecture
The Trinity system employs B/S architecture. There is no end user installation required and the application can simply be used through an ordinary web browser. This makes it very convenient to establish and integrate.
Trinity’s distributed architecture allows lower hardware structure requirements. The easy-to-use feature makes the training of personnel extremely easy. This, combined with highly effective performance, allows investments to be optimized.